Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm a slacker on posting.. but this, this i Love.

i love a good monster pillow.
i made one for nic last year and he loves it too. it now graces daph's crib. i want her to grow up staring at a monster so she's not afraid of them- it makes sense, right?

here is one from noelledoodle- one thing I like about her shop is that she never makes the same monster twice- so yours will be unique!

$42 from Zooguu

$24 from katiekylie

$3 (pattern only) at trulyoutrageous

What i ABHOR:

what the hell is this?
its like someone said: monster pillows sell well on etsy so this sweet little housewife jumped right on that bandwagon
in between selling marykay and sentsy.
for the love.... this is NOT a monster pillow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I heart milkglass. especially hobnail. I am looking for this hobnail butter dish that i believe is what dreams are made of. I search for it in every thrift store or antique shop i visit. So far the only place i've found it is in a hobnail catalog. but still, i search, i want.--oh and i don't want to find it online. i want to find it first hand just for the thrill of it :) I think i'll find it when i'm 70 and i'm ok with that- its fun to have something ilusive to pine after. {its kind of like the one below but it has a little nob at the top. my sister once advised me to never own a butter dish without a handle or i would regret it. since she always seems to be right, i'll stick with her}

$18 from monkeysalwayslook {i looked at the shop, does that make me a monkey?}

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well hell, it is friday isn't it? and once upon a time i used to do an etsy featured seller on fridays. so here it is...

here are the facts. mostly i just like the model used by this etsy seller. why? because she is my daughter- little daphne. kidding. this is a super fantastic etsy shop:

After a bit of prodding, complimenting and fabric shopping- my sister Julie finally took the plunge and has started to make baby slings {and perhaps hooter hiders also, though i am trying to come up with an original name- jug shroud? i think that is nearly as catchy} Julie, admittedly, doesn't have an "eye" for crazy things like baby slings so she has dubbed me to be the "creative director" a job i love, spend time on and one that is done on a completely volunteer basis (till her slings net a million dollars, then i will seek repercussion) though i must note i only picked 2 out of the 4 fabrics of the slings she has up for sale. she took a little license and did it on her own and i have a sneaking suspicion she'll stick with me from now on. fine by me, i like doing it. So baby slings are awesome. if you have a baby and don't have one, you should buy one. And i know an adorable little realtor's wife {and mother of five, no less} that should be the person you buy from. She can custom make it with any fabric you like and let me tell you- this girl can sew. i try, i fail. I don't have the patience to make seems look pretty. But Julie, she's a pro. Just trust me and go run out and buy a sling- every new mom {and dad} has just got to have one. Makes a great shower gift, birthday present, baby present, anniversary gift, wedding present, may day surprise- ect.

*she even let me make the banner- what a nice sister.

i'm back

sorry for the reprieve.
but, i'm back and ready to update daily again-
so keep checking in to see

what i adore.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


i should really accessorize more before daphne is in the full-on grabby stage.
if you haven't been schooled yet, babies are strong.

$24 at mylavaliere

$29 at

$48 at

Sunday, February 22, 2009

place settings.

i drove nic a little crazy (ok... a lot crazy) when we were registering for our wedding. Every dish I liked, I registered for. We ended up with:
12 square red with stripes plates, cups and salad plates
8 polka dot plates, 4 bowls.

12 light blue/teal plates, salad plates, mugs and saucers
(in actuality i just bought these like 5 months ago.. oops.)
4 green with white flower plates
2 mustard yellow plates

2 ivory plates
6 red plastic plates, bowls (not like disposable plates, though we do use those also on occasion)

4 crazy colored (each a different color) plates, bowls, salad plates and glasses

4 white square plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs.

I can't think of any more but I am sure if I wasn't so lazy I could go into the kitchen and find even more sets. So, I like dishes, what can I say? Here are a few... (future purchases, perhaps?)

$49 for a set of 4 {dinner and salad plates, bowls and mugs} at target
{I love damask but realize i probably won't love it FOREVER, but that is the joy of a $49 set, I won't feel guilty replacing it in a couple of years or breaking a plate in the sink}

$69 for a set of 4 also at target.
{I don't own any corelle but i love it, i love the way it feels- lightweight but super durable.
seems like the perfect choice for kids- plus i love this pattern.}

$8 each at urban outfitters

$4 each also at urban
Ok... i never should have looked. i love all the dishes at urban- it was hard to pick just 2.

$20 for a 32 piece set! {+ free shipping- what a steal!} at TheLostPlayground

(be forwarned- you have to pay extra for the "zoom tool")

$69 for a 5 piece set {like it serves just one person.. so this one adds up quickly :}
at crate and barrel

$1.95-$3.95 each at cb2

$1.50 each also at cb2.
--I almost bought nic this warhol print instead of the gun print i ended up getting for his birthday last year. but, i love this quote and i love this artistic genious- and what better way to pay homage then to eat dinner off of his face?

{ok... so do you know/love cb2? It is a co-brand with crate and barrel (which i also love... but crate is more of a classic style and cb2 is a bit more edgy) I think they only have a store in Chicago right now but i really shouldn't have revisted their website because i LOVE it. so much. if i had to pick just one store for our whole house, this would be it {though i would never want to pick just one store for everything- and i guess if i really did it would be macy's thrift store in idaho falls, but cb2 is really, really awesome}

Saturday, February 21, 2009

farmer's markets.

it's a sunny Saturday and I am longing for window shopping without windows, tamales, crafts i really don't need to buy, vegetables i probably should and delicious treats. Last year my brother and sister in law (i really HATE having to add "in law" because i love my sister in laws and wish i didn't have to address them so formally. But, at at the same time, i don't want it to sound like my brother married my sister, that would be weird and we probably wouldn't be going anywhere together if that was the case) took Nic and I {and daphne in the womb} to the farmer's market in provo. We fell in love. So, I've been scheming up a way to bring a farmer's market to our little town of Rexburg, Idaho. I would LOVE to talk the city into letting us do it in Porter Park- under the huge trees. It is centrally located, all the students can just walk there and it is nice and cool, even on a hot summer day because of all the trees. Some nights {early mornings} after I put Daphne back to sleep I just can't stop thinking about the market! I really want to make it a reality this summer- I think it would be perfect for this community- to link BYU-I with the city. Plus, it seems like all of our friends are the starving artist types and i think this would be a really fun way to sell our stuff. This is a list of some things I would like to see at the Porter Park Market- if you would like to participate, make a comment and tell us what you would like to do. If your craft/talent/desire to sell isn't on the list- who cares! Just comment- I want to see if people would really be interested in doing this before we go to the city.

+prepared food {food that people could buy and eat on the spot}
some ideas for that: tamales! (i found a picture of the actual tamale couple at the provo market- i was pretty excited!)
fresh baked goods
{cookies, bars, ECT}
cupcakes (cocoa bean, i would LOVE for you to have a booth!)

homemade popsicles/ icecream

kettle corn
fresh, cleaned fruit
homemade candy
fresh baked bread
shaved ice
strawberry lemonade (serious money maker when its hot out!)

+fresh produce
i don't know much about what is in season when but some ideas-
strawberries, raspberries ect any fruit that can grow here :)
cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes

potted flowers/herb gardens
potatoes (we are idaho, of course)

anything you create-
fine art photography

print making


graphic design
anything... (more than anything I want this to be a place for artists- i hope we have tons)

+live music
something acoustic for logistics and general likability.

baby stuff {bows, slings, blankets ect}
handmade jewelry

purses/pillows/ sewn goods
home decor stuff

And if you have other ideas- please please let me know. I am dead serious about this- I want to get it going REALLY bad and it will be so much more fun if it is our friends all together hanging out selling stuff :)
If you are from around here and you know of people who wouldn't be reading our blog but would be interested in participating, spread the word!